What is Flow Life?

Flow Life tries to make sense of how we fit into the world and how we can feel inspired by our own existence. The two are very much connected.

Flow Life was built after I had for years read and discussed a lot in the areas of philosophy, self development, psychology and science, and realised that not only do these fields have much in common, but there are common foundations which underlie them all. Understanding these common threads and where different areas intersect helps us to understand the whole better.

Additionally, a lot of the philosophical concepts addressed by many other sources appeal to metaphysical or supernatural forces which are seldom explained or justified. This is a massive turn off for the majority of people, which is a shame because there is much wisdom to be learned from many sources throughout history. With the advances made in the physical, biological and psychological sciences, we now have a better “whole” picture than at any time in history. Flow Life is written to make this common wisdom accessible whilst only having to appeal to our reason and common observations.

Where does the name Flow Life come from? What does “flow” mean?

“Flow Life” refers to living our lives as much as possible in a state of “flow”, which is a recognized psychological term similar to the Buddhist idea of Enlightenment or Nirvana. It is the highest goal for many, and with good reason. Whilst most of us experience this during fleeting moments in our lives, most struggle to maintain it consistently.

The idea is that when we are in the flow state, we are content, mindful, empathetic, purposeful, peaceful, creative and at one with the world around us. This is the state that meditative practice attains, but is definitely not the only way to achieve it. In fact, it is not insanely difficult to live our normal lives without effort in this state – this is what Flow Life means.

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